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About us

what is proventum?

The Proventum application was created as a result of the idea of ​​improving the business of small and medium enterprises, accelerating and facilitating their business activities.

Our systems automate the delivery of required financial statements and thus digitize and make it easier for companies, business owners, and consumers to better manage their administrative and financial operations, processes and lives using specialized software such as Proventum.

Proventum is the first web office for small and medium enterprises in the world that includes all support processes from the establishment of companies to their growth and expansion.

Working from home has become commonplace so it is essential to have an online office like Proventum that will be available to you wherever you are. With Proventum, you can easily and quickly register your company, create all the necessary documentation, and automate financial operations without the burden of legal regulations. Proventum automatically adapts to any changes. The application allows you to have all the documentation in electronic form, to receive and create invoices and generate the necessary forms (VAT, IOOPND, etc.), and most importantly to be informed at any time about the financial condition of your company.

You can easily run your company with Proventum, just one simple click.

The quality of our software is proven by the fact that in 2018 we were awarded for innovation and funding and supported by the Ministry of Science. Proventum was one of the best-rated projects by independent European consultants.



  • Create a program that easily enables the digitalization of small and medium enterprises.
  • Change the way of doing business and comply with the upcoming plans of both European countries and the world.
  • Keep up with digitalization trends.



Our vision is to become the largest and strongest business administrative and financial platform in the world.



Our mission is to connect small and medium enterprises around the world and enable them to digitize and automate business processes with security and reliability based on our 3 most important values:

  1. High quality
  2. Customized and easy access
  3. Best practices and standardization.


Advantages of Proventum

Data security - We have an SSL certificate that guarantees the security and security of your data.

Real-time reporting - Automated and personalized real-time reporting

Easy to use - We offer video and text explanations of the next step during all processes

High performance - Fast application operation is based on one-page technology.


Project partners

It is indisputable to state the importance of support from our project partners


They supported our project with space capacity, expertise, technical support, consulting services related to procedures, consulting services related to international accounting standards, legal frameworks, environmental test, and potential clients, a brand that has been built for more than 20 years, as well as business network to commercialize this innovative product.


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