20.12.2018 Author: Drazen Raickovic


How planet earth, life, human was created? How computer and the internet have been created?
It is difficult to answer these questions, but we will certainly not address these questions and their answers in this text.
These questions are important for one reason, and that is what is common to each origin?
In common regarding the originns of the planet earth, life, human, computer, the internet and everything else that exists is merging, connecting, binding, networking or whatever you call it that creates this world. If we imagine that the thread, which is certainly not static, is the one that joins the individuals already created by the merger and that these mergers continue to create new micro and macro systems, we come to the conclusion that everything that has a tendency to merge or spread through the connection has an end where the expansion / connection stops. We know that essentially expansion has its boundary, but again the boundary is not static, it at some point only represents the point where expansion ceases and collection begins in order to find new connection and expansion. According to this process, it can be concluded that all systems that were restricted in some way slowly die or reach the end point until some part of them gets a potential expansion point.

If we talk about the industry and commerce, economy and businesses, we can conclude that the key point of expansion is precisely the digital transformation. It is important to point out that a reckoner or a computer once have been just a technical tool that made it possible for people to make certain complicated computational operations easier and faster. The computer as such, even in a more advanced function, would remain in the rank of tools such as a typewriter or a calculator if the Internet had not occurred, which enabled linkage, connection, networking, while its greatest expansion was because of social networks and the Internet. Online media turned one-way restricted communication into multidirectional. This made the computer a tool of communication and a vision of Bill Gates, which states that the computer should be on every desk in every home, be expanded to the present day. A computer (tablet, smartphone) shpuld be in everyones hand from the first to the hundred and first year. An interesting fact that states Schwab (2016) is that today, one tablet (smart device) has a processor power equal to 5000 desktops from just 30 years ago. At the same time, the price of memory is almost 0 because GB costs 0.03 cents, and just 20 years ago 1 GB cost $ 10,000!
This was not achieved by allowing the computer to perform some operations, these are only additional advantages today, this was achieved because the computer enabled the Internet to connect people, capturing the thread and the almost unlimited possibility of spreading, thereby integrating with the basic need people and generally life on earth, and that is a merger.

The conclusion is clear, every business today needs to know, the point of expansion is in the digital transformation and connect IMMEDIATELY or NOW..