Ministry of science award, for inovation projects.

20.12.2018 Author: Novak Raickovic

Awarded for inovation projects from Ministry of Science.

Creative people are our biggest capital. And all our programs also have a component of hiring young and highly qualified people.
Montenegro also needs to be focused on innovation in order to have a chance in the global economy. Technological development and Innovation is a key driver of knowledge-based economic development as it opens space for the creation of new products and services as well as jobs. These are the words the Minister Sanja Damjanovic addressed to all present before the PROVENTUM Innovation was awarded.

Our project was created by innovative people, Proventum will employ young and highly qualified people, and this will be proof that Montenegro is focused on innovation. As well should be said that Proventum is a knowledge-based innovation and will provide space for business improvement. So, we eagerly await the moment when people will feel the benefits of using this system, see their business results and hear that this innovation is something every company needs.
There is only takes a little more to fall in love with this app, and then your business, that is the message of the Proventum team and we believe that the Ministry, the EU evaluators who evaluated the project and everyone else will be proud of us.

Proventum cloud office

You can see more about this and other awards on the site www.proventum.me

We are aware of the challenges that Montenegro has as a small country. But for that reason, Montenegro has several advantages as well which must be used in a good way, such as the ability to easily connect, communicate, interact quickly and the possibility to adjust. Because of these advantages we are in the final stage of realizing one of the most important strategies of our country, Smart Specialization Strategies, for whose realization the key was to synchronize multiple sectors. This strategy is one of the mechanisms for science and industry to better connect. Montenegro will be the first country after EU28 that will implement this strategy. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the actors who have helped us in this complex process.