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Proventum accounting is designed for businesses which want to automate their financial operations, enforce legal regulations and track their business, balance sheets and income statements, bank account balances overview, liabilities due and more, and will certainly become the autopilot of your business..

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Always in accordance with legislation

Proventum regularly adjusted to any changes in legislation (salaries, VAT, etc.). All changes are automatically applied.

Proventum is interactive

With advanced analytics, you have a thorough insight into your business. The application allows you to be up to date regarding changes in the exchange rate and cryptocurrency on a daily basis, as well as to have an overview of daily transactions on the Montenegro Stock Exchange

Accounting was never so easy

Due to automated booking, accounting ceases to be a majority operator, and the primary job of an accountant will be consulting and controlling process.

What is proventum accounting?

  • Saving time

    IThe Proventum innovative way of business allows you to save time and significantly reduce costs, as you are free from all the additional investments in hardware, software, training, as well as the purchase of additional software for the security of your business. Proventum provides the newest up-to-date formula to increase the quality of your business.

  • Knoweledge, experience and modern technology

    The combination of knowledge, years of experience and modern technology is the precondition for successful business. We invite you to try out a demo version of the Proventum app and see for yourself how innovative your business is.

  • Ease of use of the program

    The Proventum program is very simple and easy to use because the processes are automated, so you can use it without instructions. We know that sounds unbelievable, so we invite you to try out and convice yourself.

  • Online access to data

    Provides you a fast and secure access to your Cloud office.

The best way to do business in cloud

Many companies are in the dilemma of buying or creating their personal accounting software. The Proventum account will give you the answer to this question.

Innovative and easy-to-use business with interactive user access were the main goals in the design of Proventum Cloud Office.

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How to become Proventum user?

By simply completing the demo request, you will receive free access to the application for 30 days. During the demo or after the demo, you can choose the package that suits you best, according to your needs, and therefore enjoy the full version of the Proventum application, which introduces you to the world of business future.

submitt the demo version request. You will receive an email with your approval verification and access information,soon.

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After payment is made, you will receive a mail confirming that you have paid for the specified period,and the full support of our operators and developers.

Accounting support

If you have any accounting concerns, we advise you to consult our accountants to make the booking appropriately and avoid the possibility of an mistake. Contact us

Technical support

If you have problems with the functionality of the Proventum application, our technical support is at your disposal 24/7, they will solve the reported problem as soon as possible.

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